KFR 3.0 is released

15 March 2019

Here is a brief summary of the major improvements in this release.

  • Visual Studio and GCC are now fully supported and tested in addition to Xcode and clang.
  • FFT performance has been improved by up to 15%. Also, optimized non power of 2 FFT is also supported, including FFT of prime sizes.
  • AVX512 support has been added for latest Intel cpu.
  • Ability to compute loudness according to EBU R128 standard.
  • Audio file reading/writing support has been improved and now includes FLAC file reading.
  • Ability to include KFR as a subdirectory in cmake project
  • C API for DFT
  • Other performance and stability improvements
  • License changed to GPL 2+

Here is a full list of the added features

See on GitHub