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Upgrade to KFR 5

The KFR 5 release intoduced several changes to architecture, naming and semantics so any code using KFR needs to be adjusted.

Here is the list of changes.

CMake variables now have KFR_ prefix

Examples of changes:

ENABLE_DFT               -> KFR_ENABLE_DFT
CPU_ARCH                 -> KFR_ARCH

The following variables are unchanged.


Argument sizes must be equal

expression_function arguments must have the same or compatible sizes (shapes).

Previously, KFR allowed arguments with different sizes, effectively taking the minimum of the sizes. From KFR 5 the sizes must be equal, or, alternatively, size of some arguments may be 1, values will be broadcasted to match the sizes of other arguments.

The operations on different arguments will result in the following shapes:

`x` denotes any operator or function.
`inf` is `kfr::infinite_size`
{} x {} = {}                  # two scalars produce scalar too
{} x {2} = {2}                # scalar broadcasted to 1-dim
{2,2} x {} = {2,2}            # scalar broadcasted to 2-dims
{1} x {2} = {2}               # broadcasted because size=1
{2} x {3} = error in KFR 5, {2} in KFR 4
{1,5} x {5,1} = {5,5}         # row x column -> matrix
{5} x {5,1} = {5,5}           # same with auto broadcasting
{inf} x {2} = {2}             # infinite arguments are allowed everywhere
{inf,inf} x {5,1} = {5,1}     # infinite arguments are allowed everywhere
{2,2} x {inf} = {2,2}         # infinite arguments are allowed everywhere
{inf,inf} x {inf} = {inf,inf} # infinite arguments are allowed everywhere

The resulting shape can be tested with internal_generic::common_shape function.

Scalars are 0-dimensions values

Scalars are now 0-dimensions values, use dimensions<1>(scalar) to change it to 1-dim infinite sequences as it was in KFR 4.

In expressions, scalars are automatically broadcasted to higher dimensions as needed.

std aliases have been removed from cometa namespace

Original std classes and variables should be used instead. _t (for types) or _v (values) suffix may be needed.

Examples of code changes:

cometa::invoke_result  -> std::invoke_result_t
cometa::enable_if      -> std::enable_if_t
cometa::common_type    -> std::common_type_t
cometa::is_same        -> std::is_same_v
cometa::is_invocable_r -> std::is_invocable_r_v

All expressions and some classes have been moved out of internal namespace

Examples of code changes:

kfr::internal::biquad_state        -> kfr::biquad_state
kfr::internal::expression_slice    -> kfr::expression_slice
kfr::internal::expression_function -> kfr::expression_function

Expressions 'pointers' have been renamed to 'handles'.

expression_pointer -> expression_handle
to_pointer -> to_handle

Also, handles now require their number of dimensions to be specified.

expression_reduce new template argument

expression_reduce changed its prototype and now have Dims as its second template parameter.